"...and she came like a Fury, down from the north, and the land quailed at her coming" - Tome VII "The Legends of the Ironfists", Azanulimbar-dum II 2805 
This page is dedicated to a PbeM I am currently running in the fantasy world of J.R.R.Tolkien's Middle-earth. Here contained are all additional files and player-aids available for the game. It will be constantly updated with maps, character descriptions of both PC's and NPC's, general notes and a running game-turn record of the Campaign. 

The game system I am using is mostly RoleMaster Standard System (RMSS) but modified for play in Middle-earth and true (I hope) to the level of fantasy in the original books. 

Since we're now fully live, we have been accessed this many times, Hoorah!! 
More detailed stats can be found Here! 

If you wish to contact the GamesMaster "click" here: <Mormegil> 

Player News: Turn 49 has been uploaded to the website. Once I've contacted and received responses from all the players and everything is running fine again I will detail Turn 50! Meanwhile pls note that PbeM related email should go firstly to the <second_servant@yahoo.co.uk> as well as the usual <TheSS@tolmorwen.u-net.com> 

This website gets updated often so check back soon for more details and who knows...you may be joining us soon. 

See below for those already involved in the game. 

Claire Morgan-Davies (France) Arekhel Jim Higgins (USA) Meraina
Robert Barrett (England) Gwalchmai Fabrizio Smiroldo (Italy) Raddish
Steve Randall (England) Billy Darren Parkin (England) Lochan
Olivier Decome (France) Sealvach Chris Weber (Canada) Boldor
Hannes Kleindienst (Switzerland) Relg Martin Matre (Norway) Coru
Antonio Moreno (USA) Froin Juan Ruano (USA) Heladil
Richard Gentile Ongas    


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